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Provincia di Lecce

"The Province of Lecce strongly believes that accessibility is not a product, but an ongoing process. With this further step, we are breaking down architectural computer barriers: citizen users with blindness, visual impairments, cognitive impairments, motor impairments, epilepsy will have easier and facilitated access".

Comune di Livorno

"The new tool is part of a package of initiatives that the municipal administration is implementing in the area of inclusive digital innovation, with a focus on citizens and their needs. This is made possible thanks to the work of the Municipality's Information Systems sector, which is doing an excellent job on the digital innovation front."

ASL Roma 6

"We chose to do this as a moral duty. The Internet is now a fundamental tool in communication [...] We as a health care company cannot and will not be complicit in the burden of this inequality in the free use of the Web.

Comune di Nuoro

"Our administration aims to put the citizen at the centre and has also done so through the creation of the municipality's new institutional website, conceived and designed to be inclusive and to improve the accessibility requirements of digital public services in terms of practicality".

Comune di Civitanova Marche

«Siamo uno dei primi enti a livello nazionale che si avvale di una nuova tecnologia per aumentare l’accessibilità di un portale web grazie alla collaborazione con Accessiway».

Comune di Monza

“La soluzione adottata aiuta ulteriormente le persone con disabilità a navigare con maggiore semplicità tra i vari contenuti digitali. Si tratta di uno strumento personalizzato che aggiunge un tassello importante all’impegnativo lavoro di rimozione delle barriere architettoniche sia fisiche che virtuali.”

Banco Azzoaglio

"We are proud of the fact that our site is finally more easily and securely accessible even to those who have different needs from most users. The help and advice received from AccessiWay has been invaluable and indispensable."


AccessiWay was born from an Italian-Israeli joint venture with AccessiBe, the leading web accessibility startup. The intent is to revolutionize thinking about a more inclusive and accessible web. Costadoro has chosen a cutting-edge product with the potential to radically change and simplify the problem of web accessibility.


"The focus on Diversity & Inclusion sets in motion a virtuous circle on all fronts [...]. A step made possible today by the accessibility of the website also to people with disabilities, achieved thanks to the collaboration with AccessiWay."

Grimaldi Lines

"Consistent with the wide and differentiated target audience of customers we address and in line with the accessibility of our ships and terminals, we thought of making our website easily navigable for everyone as well."


"The commitment to undo social inequality, discrimination, and inequality, to remove obstacles and promote inclusion at all levels is fundamental. We intend to continue to do so, every day, with words of 'Future' for all."

Best Western Hotel

I particularly value this initiative: for BWH is an extra step for inclusiveness and accessibility. Access to information and proposals from our 180 hotels reach more and more people and are enriched with an additional feature for informed and fully inclusive choice."

Campari Group

"By partnering with AccessiWay, we are thus adding an important step toward greater inclusiveness, offering maximum accessibility to our website and all its content."


"We have chosen AccessiWay to make MySecretCase an even more inclusive space and to take one more step in the mission that has guided us since our inception: to make pleasure a right for all. We want a world in which the sexual expression of a person with a disability and a person without a disability are perceived equally."

Special Olympics

"We started collaborating with AccessiWay thanks to an insight from the founder of Web Athletics. In this case, given his experience in digital and involvement as a testimonial for Special Olympics at the Turin 2022 games, we asked Sveva Gerevini (a national track and field team athlete) to begin a journey to raise awareness of the issue of Web access for people with disabilities."

Tercas Foundation

"The Tercas Foundation strongly believes in education for inclusivity and equality and is delighted to have activated this Utility so that its Web Site can be accessible to people who until now have not been able to use it in its entirety."

Bandiera Lilla

"It is with pleasure that we establish the agreement with AccessiWay, which completes a part we lacked in accessibility, our website. In the company we have found not only superior expertise to those we have encountered so far, but also a way of working and a willingness to improve the existing that is rarely found in commercial-type companies."

Retro Consulting Group

"The strength of a brand and a company's attention to the individual are demonstrated by its interest in a type of innovation that is not only technological, but also and above all social. This is why we are proud of the partnership and feel perfectly aligned with AccessiWay, a benchmark in accessibility."


"Casa ArtLab continues to grow, the network of partners is enriched with realities that make innovation their manifesto. We are happy to welcome AccessiWay, a company founded in 2021 with a very clear goal: to make website content accessible to people with different types of disabilities."


"AccessiWay and Kotuko together to make the Internet more accessible to all, especially for people with disabilities. The Milan-based web agency, in fact, has formed an important partnership with the innovative Turin-based company that is pursuing the ambitious goal of ensuring total accessibility of web content by 2025."

Wise Growth

Inclusion is also made up of small attentions, which can be built on a daily basis. There is still a big usability gap and as Wise Growth, having always cared about inclusion issues, we wanted to take action to introduce a concrete change. Therefore, from today the website will be more inclusive and more accessible, thanks to the partnership with AccessiWay!


We decided to partner with AccessiWay to build a truly accessible web for these people as well. Our efforts will be focused on transforming the concept of inclusiveness into the concept of normality, in web design and beyond.


Starting today, Synesthesia's website will be more accessible to users with disabilities thanks to AccessiWay's accessibility interface, which you can use on their site. Together we are committed to playing an active role in helping to transition to web accessibility.

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Siti web che hanno installato AccessWidget con l’interfaccia di accessibilità aperta, tra loro ci sono: Barilla, Dolce&Gabbana, Findomestic, Banca BPER, Mulino Bianco, Will Media, Costadoro CafféSiti web che hanno installato AccessWidget con l’interfaccia di accessibilità aperta, tra loro ci sono: Barilla, Dolce&Gabbana, Findomestic, Banca BPER, Mulino Bianco, Will Media, Costadoro Caffé
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