aCe is an accessibility testing tool

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What is aCe

aCe is the W3C-recognised accessibility validator from AccessiWay with which you can obtain the accessibility score of a web page. Using this tool, it is possible to create reports containing – in addition to the website accessibility assessment – specific information on detected errors and advice on how to adapt them in order to make the website accessible and compliant.

Interface of aCe that indicates that the analyzed site is compliant

Why use aCe

Accessibility icon illustration
It identifies problems

aCe is the first step towards web accessibility: it offers website owners a clear answer regarding accessibility and legislative compliance.
Illustration of a magnifying glass
Indicates what to improve

aCe helps you understand what you need to work on: you know exactly where you stand and what needs to be improved.

How does it work?

aCe uses AI and an automated process to scan your website, detecting accessibility errors to give you a clear idea of your compliance.

Illustration of a draft of a web page being scanned by aCe

aCe‘s AI is designed to analyse your website as it was a person, telling you what is not accessible within a page or website.

aCe automatically scans your website in order to flag and diagnose accessibility errors.


Get your score in a few seconds by following a few single steps.


Enter the domain:
try any domain, anywhere on the web. There’s no limit to the number of tests.


Get accurate results:
results will have details for each section of the scan, whether you are compliant or not.


Download your report:
you can download the assessment report in order to share it with your team and decide on next steps.


Compliance levels

aCe test result with the inscription "Compliant" accompanied by a green icon

Your website is WCAG 2.1
compliant and accessible
to people with disabilities.

aCe test result with the inscription "Semi Compliant" accompanied by a yellow icon

Your website is partially accessible, but still lacks some key elements for full compliance

aCe test result with the inscription "Not compliant" accompanied by a red icon

Your website is not accessible
to people with disabilities,
and it is not compliant with web accessibility legislation.