The industry’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence is responsible for working with and adapt to the most complex accessibility requirements, such as screen reader optimization and keyboard navigation.

AccessWay illustration recognizing the image of a Bonsai tree and a pair of black shoes
Illustration of a generic web page with outside two comics containing the icon of the volume and the two navigation arrows

Compatibility with screen reader and
keyboard navigation

Our Artificial Intelligence application is responsible for solving 70% of technical requirements. It makes the website accessible to screen-readers and allows full keyboard navigation.  

reading elements

Contextual understanding

AccessiWay's Artificial Intelligence visually matches elements and behaviors of your website with millions of other previously observed websites. Thanks to this feature, it is able to recognize from context the function of elements and their purpose on the page.

Illustration of a web page with a heart on the inside and two comics with the words Wishlist and Button on the outside
Illustration of a web page with inside an image of two mountains and outside two comics with the words Image and Mountains
Iris and OCR

Optical Recognition

AccessiWay scans all website images and, when it detects that Alt text is missing, it inserts it by extracting the embedded text using OCR technology. It also uses IRIS technology in order to recognize the elements that make up the image.


Daily scans

AccessiWay’s Artificial Intelligence re-scans every website page at least once every 24 hours, ensuring that new updates are corrected and accessible.

Illustration of a web page with the words 24 hours on the inside and two comics with the words Scanning and Updating on the outside

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