How do I get to the MEPA portal?

You need to go to, and access the portal by entering your login credentials in the top right-hand corner of the HOME page after clicking on the "LOGIN" button.

What tools are needed to be able to operate on “Acquisti in rete”?

In order to operate on the MEPA portal, you need to be in possession of:

  • Personal computer (and other devices such as tablets, smartphones) with internet connection
  • Digital signature kit: smart card containing the signature certificate; smart card reader; digital signature software for signing a document and reading signed files

How do I find AccessiWay on MEPA?

Organizations have 3 ways of searching within MEPA: Service Description, Supplier Name, Supplier Article Code.

  • Service description → In the search bar enter the service description "Web accessibility for sites". If no other suppliers have used the same description, you will see the list of our products, with the possibility of proceeding with the purchase by clicking on ADD TO CART.
  • Supplier name → In the search bar enter the supplier name "ACCESSIWAY". You will see the list of our products, with the possibility to proceed with the purchase by clicking on ADD TO CART.
  • Supplier article number → Enter the supplier article number "2.acsw_3.0" in the search bar. You will see the list of our products and you can proceed with the purchase by clicking on ADD TO CART.

In all three cases, when the service is placed in the shopping cart, the entity will be able to create a DIRECT ORDER, a DIRECT NEGOTIATION or an RDO.

Can I order directly from the MEPA?

Yes, for some categories and product categories in the MEPA Goods and Services Tenders you can order directly from the supplier's catalogue. For example, if you wish to purchase an AccessiWay licence, you can place a Direct Order, whereas if you wish to purchase a consultancy or training package you will need to open a Direct Negotiation. However, if you wish to purchase an additional service, you will still have to start from the product sheet of a licence, the only difference being that instead of selecting Direct Order you will have to open a Direct Negotiation.

Do orders and negotiations concluded on the MEPA require a revenue stamp?

Yes, according to an opinion of the Agenzia delle Entrate, contracts concluded on the MEPA can be considered as contracts concluded by private deed. For this reason, such contracts are subject to stamp duty.

How do I purchase a service from MEPA?

If you want to purchase a service and not a software licence, you will not be able to place a Direct Order. Instead, you will have to open a Direct Negotiation: to do so, simply search in the search bar for "ACCESSIWAY in products" and select one of our product sheets according to the pages indexed under your domain, instead of adding the product to the cart you will have to open a Direct Negotiation.

What is meant by electronic invoicing to P.A.?

The Italian Law 244/2007, amended by Legislative Decree 201 of 2011, established the obligation of electronic invoicing to the Public Administration. On the basis of this provision, the Public Administration can no longer accept invoices in paper form, nor can it proceed to their payment.

Do all PA's fall under the obligation to receive electronic invoices?

The obligation relates to Public Administrations included in the consolidated profit and loss account and identified pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 3 of Law no. 196 of 31 December 2009 (Accounting and Public Finance Law). In addition, in accordance with the regulations, Administrations are required to accept electronic invoices also in the European format.

Where can I find all the information on electronic invoicing?

All useful information on the issues, the reference legislation, technical documentation on e-invoicing, transmission methods and support and assistance services are available on, a website dedicated exclusively to e-invoicing to Public Administrations.

To request support of an informative nature, you can use the online form available on the same site or alternatively contact the toll-free number 800 299 940.

What digital signature do I need to operate on MEPA?

You can use any digital signature kit purchased from one of the authorised Certification Authorities. The list can be found on the AGID - Agenzia per l'Italia digitale -