Technical support FAQs

Why doesn't AccessiWay appear on my site?

Have you already installed AccessiWay on your site, but still do not see the accessibility icon?

This can happen for various reasons, but it is easy to solve. Here are some possible reasons and solutions:

  • The trial period on your site has expired: this simply means that the 7-day trial for which your site was registered has expired. To continue using AccessiWay you will need to purchase a licence directly from your account, or speak to one of our sales representatives.
  • The code is not installed correctly: installing the script in the wrong area can cause AccessiWay to malfunction. To check if this is the case, go to your site and press F12. Once you have done this, a pop-up bar will appear at the bottom of the screen displaying your website's code. When it appears, press Control + F, a search bar will appear at the bottom. In this search field type "acsb", if you see the script the software has been installed correctly.If not, contact our support department on 011 1962 2826 or write to us directly in the live chat on our website.
  • Browser cache error: this can happen if you have a lot of files stored in the browser cache from your website (stored automatically to improve loading speed), which shows you the version displayed before installing AccessiWay. To correct this error, you will simply have to empty your browser cache (this may vary depending on the browser). In most cases, simply go to your browser settings and clear the cached images and files. Once this is done, simply reload the page to get the correct display.
  • Website cache error: several systems allow you to optimise the loading speed of your website by caching scripts and styles. Whenever you need to update your site, such as when installing AccessiWay, you will also need to clear your website cache for a correct installation. We recommend that you find the best way to clear the cache in the system you are using and empty it, after which you should be able to see AccessiWay installed and running.
  • Conflict of scripts: In very rare cases, a script on your site may conflict with AccessiWay and its ability to load on your site. To check if this is the case we will need to inspect your site as we did in step 2 (Press F12). Once you have checked whether this is the case, click on the "Console" tab. If you see something about AccessiWay, or acsb in this view, it means that this is why AccessiWay did not appear on your site. If this is the case, please contact one of our representatives via live chat or email

If the problem persists in spite of the proposed solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at the company number +39 01119622826 or via the chat on our website: we will be happy to assist you further and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Why does the interface seem to be out of order?

Once AccessiWay is installed, the interface should look the same as it does on our website, unless you have changed the graphics (colour, size, position). If anything is different, such as wrong size or irregular lines, there may be a conflict between the design of your website, its style sheets and AccessiWay. However, this problem is unlikely to occur and is easily resolved. Please contact our team so that we can resolve it easily and directly.

Why do errors occur with tools such as WAVE and Lighthouse?

Testing tools such as WAVE and Lighthouse are free tools to check the level of accessibility of your website. These tools are useful for checking basic elements of a site such as duplicate links, title hierarchies, duplicate titles, lack of image descriptions (Alt Text), or ARIA labels.

However, AccessiWay is a session-based tool: this means that compliance tools of this kind will not be able to detect AccessiWay adjustments. This is because AccessiWay is designed to be activated only when a user triggers it as required. This implies that there are no permanent changes on the site. This ensures that all adjustments are easily activated and that the browsing experience of site visitors who do not need these changes is not affected in any way.

Therefore, since compliance tools do not access a website in the form of assistive technology, they will not be able to analyse the AccessiWay presence on a website and the resulting accessibility adjustments.

Why don't the interface buttons work?

This is a very rare error, which is easily resolved. In this case, there may be a conflict between the scripts on your site and the AccessiWay script. To solve this problem please write to our customer service team via the live chat on our website or contact us by phone on 011 1962 2826. You are in good hands, don't worry!

AccessiWay loads slowly and appears after too long a time

AccessiWay is designed to load asynchronously with your site, which means that it will only be loaded and displayed once the website has been fully loaded. This is to:

  • Make the whole site accessible, not just specific parts of it.
  • Not affect the speed of the site or its performance in any way.

The AccessiWay system takes 0.2 seconds to load, which means that the loading time of your site will affect the time it takes to display AccessiWay. For example: if your site loads in 4 seconds, AccessiWay will appear in 4.2 seconds. If your site loads in 8 seconds, then AccessiWay will appear in 8.2 seconds.

If you are interested in checking the loading time of your site, we recommend a site called Pingdom. You can access it at the following link:

If you still feel there may be an error with AccessiWay loading, please contact one of our representatives to try and resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Does AccessWay collect cookies?

AccessiWay does not collect cookies. It is not in our interest to profile user data. We exploit local storage by using only the strictly necessary cookies, as there is no need to read data on the server side.