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Why to become a Partner?

10% commission from the purchase of each client you bring in

10% discount on your direct purchase

The AccessiWay license is free for your site!

Help us make Internet accessible

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Who can become a partner?

Are you a design, development or marketing agency? Are you a freelancer? If you manage your clients’ web portals and have a direct influence on a company’s website, our partnership program is designed for you!

Thousands of web and digital agencies, freelance programmer and marketers, eCommerce websites and developers, hosting services and more have become our partners!


Demand is increasing

The European Directive and the WCAG 2.1. guidelines, are based on the idea that the web and its tools are a citizen’s right.  

The demand for web accessibility solutions is increasing exponentially. For any website, in any industry, there will be an increasing need for this type of product.

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Our mission is to close the accessibility gap, and everyone can help.

how it works

How does the program work?

After a quick demo with one of our partnership managers, you will have access to your Account Partner. Here you will receive your Partner commission/discount e manage your own website and those of your clients.

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Get 10% commission/discount for each website
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Get a free license in order to protect your website
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No commitment or program registration fees

Up to 400 euros commission

Get 10% commission and up to 400 euros for each domain you bring in, plus get AccessiWay free for your website!

Competitive advantage

Provide your customers with a solution that helps them reach a wide audience

A win-win for both parties

Earn lucrative commissions by providing a quality, high value product to both entrepreneurs and people with disabilities.

Dedicated Team and Creative Resources

To support you, we are willing to provide you with all the advertising and marketing materials we use, updated regularly, and our dedicated manager is available to you at all times.


Our AI engine reviews all websites every 24 hours to update every change and improvement made.

Market Leader

We are the largest and fastest growing company in the web accessibility market.

Peace of mind

Protect your customers by mitigating the risk of lengthy and costly litigations

Flexible partnership structures

We'll work together to design the most appropriate partnership with your organization

Brand Boosting

Being part of our affiliate program offers an advantage not only economically, but also in terms of image: you will be a promoter of an innovative and ethical technology!

Our Ethics

Sounds great, where's the catch?

There isn't! From day one, AccessiWay's partners have been a key part of our business, our growth, and our mission. Providing partners with great benefits and satisfaction by doing business with us is our priority.

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