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AccessiWay is the result of an Italian-Israeli joint venture with accessiBe: the leading start-up in the web accessibility industry. Thanks to constant research and development, our product is the most complete and effective in the industry.

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AccessiWay interface with the different accessibility profiles
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How does it work?

AccessiWay makes a website accessible thanks to two components working simultaneously: the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Accessibility Interface.

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Accessibility Interface

Adjust content
Adjust display colour
Adjust navigation
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Artificial Intelligence

Makes websites accessible to screen-readers
Enables keyboard navigation
24/7 Maintenance
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Install the software in few minutes

Making your website accessible and compliant is very easy:

Install a single line of JavaScript code

The accessibility interface will instantly be displayed on your website

AI will start scanning and analysing your website

After a maximum of 48 hours your website will be fully accessible*

Every 24 hours the AI will monitor the website to update new contents and troubleshoot any issues

*AccessiWay cannot guarantee full compliance to the WCAG 2.1 for every element on your website, especially the most unique ones. Therefore, consult our Terms and Conditions and reach out to our experts: they will help you assess what kind of manual remediations you may need to carry out after installing our software, in order to make your website fully accessible and compliant.

Your website, for everyone

AccessiWay allows all those who have a website to make it accessible for a wide range of individuals with disabilities, in full compliance with WCAG 2.1, European and national regulations.

Screen reader optimization for visually impaired users

AccessiWay uses machine learning to scan, analyse and interpret every element of the page in the same way sighted web users do.
Thus, it uses ARIA attributes and various behavioral adjustments to provide a full context to screen readers. This allows visually impaired users to navigate and browse websites accurately. Drop down menus, forms, popups, icons, and buttons are all included in the process. It also uses IRIS and OCR Technologies to provide accurate descriptions for images.

AccessiWay interface with blind users profile active

Changes in the user interface and design for visually impaired users.

With AccessiWay’s accessibility interface users can adjust the design and user interface of the site to suit their specific needs. Adjustments include content adjustments such as scaling and letter spacing, colour adjustments such as saturation and contrast and orientation adjustments such as enlarged cursor and emphasized titles. Users can change text sizing, scaling, and spacing without losing content or usability, alter fonts and even change contrast and colour combination. They can also zoom in on the cursor, emphasize titles and links, add mouse framing to elements, and much more.

AccessiWay interface showing content adjustment functionality

Comprehension adjustments for people with cognitive disorders

In order for people with cognitive disabilities to gain appropriate context for the content and elements of a website, AccessiWay's accessibility interface includes a built-in dictionary for definitions and quick references.

For orientation and focus needs, the interface allows users to activate adjustments that highlight important links and elements. In addition, you can choose the "Cognitive Disabilities" profile to activate all these adjustments simultaneously.

AccessiWay interface showing color and screen adjustment capabilities

Keyboard navigation optimization for people with motor disabilities

AccessiWay makes websites fully navigable by keyboard. This is achieved with our contextual understanding AI engine that makes the necessary changes throughout the entire website code. People with motor disabilities can use keys to do anything, from closing popups and forms to opening drop downs and menus.

Interfaccia di AccessiWay con la Tastiera di navigazione attiva

Interruption of animations and flashing images to prevent epileptic seizures.

Within the accessibility interface, epileptic users can easily find a “Seizure Safe” profile that will simultaneously block any flashing GIFs, animations, videos, or patterns that could trigger people with photosensitive epilepsy. There are also individual adjustments for singular modifications.
Black Friday and other flashing promotional banners are designed to draw our attention to ads or some news. For epileptics this is a health risk.

AccessiWay interface with the "Stop animations" feature selected
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Your security is our priority

We implement the highest practices and standards to protect user privacy and your website security!

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