Your security is our priority

We implement the highest practices and standards to protect user privacy and your website security!

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Girl in a wheelchair typing on a gray computer with three boxes around her that read: GDPR Compliant, Optimized Performance and Military Grade Security

State-of-the-art Infrastructures

We use highly secure servers in full compliance with the GDPR. AccessiWay uses superior end-to-end encryption and military-grade security.


Privacy compliance

When a website implements the AccessiWay Solution, it sends the following data to our servers: image URLs, link URLs, HTML structure, CSS attributes, clicks, interactions, and page views. This information does not include actual content/text from the web page or form or field information. In addition, the above information does not include any personal information of any user and cannot be associated with any user.


High performance

In our impatient digital era, performance is of paramount importance. So, we make sure we never slow you down. AccessiWay is optimized to load asynchronously at 0.2 seconds, so it won’t interfere with your users’ navigation and your website’ activity.

No cookies

We only save strictly necessary technical information using local storage, as there is no need to read data on the server side.

Daily Security Hole Bounty

Researching and troubleshooting security holes is a tradition at AccessiWay. We offer prizes for those on our team who further improve our system.

How we protect your privacy:

Dedicated Development and Operation Team

Data encryption during transmission and storage

Weekly vulnerability checks and audits

Appropriate access control measures

Active internal bounty program

Fail-safe server in Europe

Data loss prevention support

Script and link tag integrity support

App modularity with microservices

Daily manual and automatic malware scanning

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