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Our first partner: Synesthesia

Starting today, Synesthesia's website will be compliant and accessible to users with disabilities thanks to AccessiWay's accessibility interface, which you can use on their site.Together, we are committed to playing an active role in helping to transition to web accessibility.

A new way to experience the game

Novis Games
The challenge of the guys of Novis is to create the first game platform that allows everyone, blind, visually impaired and visually impaired, to compete on equal terms in terms of accessibility and inclusion.


“With AccessiWay, it has been easy to make our website accessible to everyone! Thanks to the support of their customer service, in a short time we adjust it, breaking down the communication barriers towards people with disabilities: now everyone has the ability to independently navigate www.arag.it, being able to discover our insurance solutions and services, useful to protect their rights.”

Autorità di regolazione dei trasporti

Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti
"ART is the first Italian Public Administration to have chosen to adopt this innovative artificial intelligence tool in order to provide a website accessible to the widest possible audience, while continuing to adhere to accessibility requirements for P.A. websites"

Sisi's testimony


How does it work?

The examples below will help you understand what to expect on your website.


Take a look at screenshots below to see how it will look on your website:

Screenshot of Oreo online store with blue accessibility interface
Screenshot of the Messi online store with the accessibility interface in black color
Screenshot of Yokohama website with blue accessibility interface
Screenshot of the Ladurée Paris website with the blue accessibility interface
Screenshot of the Illy Caffè website with the red accessibility interface
Screen shot of the H.Stern website with the gray accessibility interface

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