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What is the Accessibility Statement?

Every year, public administrations and private companies that fall under Article 3.1bis of the so-called Stanca Law must file their accessibility declaration with AgID following the appropriate template. Our team takes care of everything you need to submit a proficient declaration for each of your domains.

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The AgID accessibility declaration is an obligation to which the owners of public administration applications and websites are bound.
The deadline for submitting the AgID accessibility declaration was 23 September 2021 for mobile applications of public administrations. For websites, on the other hand, the deadline was slightly earlier: 23 June 2020.

What does it consist of?

It can be said that the statement, as set up on the AgID website, has two parts.

First Part

  • Status of compliance of the site or application with WCAG;
  • Statement of content, sections and functions not accessible, in case of partial or total non-compliance;
  • Indication of the feedback mechanism and contact details of the administration to which to indicate comments;
  • Procedure for implementing citizens' digital rights (Digital Ombudsman).
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Second Part

  • Information about the application or site: content, functionality and so on should be indicated;
  • Information about the administration that owns the digital platform.

Who has to fill it in?

In Circular No. 3 of October 1, 2018, the Ministry of Public Administration called on all public administrations to identify an in-house Digital Transition Manager. This appointment was followed by training periods, one per year, which can be found at this link.

To provide the declaration, one must click on this link, which leads to the AgID platform that allows one to upload the declaration of accessibility. This form follows the provisions provided by the European Union in Directive 2102 of 2016.
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We perform detailed manual analyses to help you produce and update your site's accessibility statement in full compliance with AgID 2022 guidelines.
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How does it work?

#1One of our expert consultants performs a manual analysis applying the heuristic method to define the compliance status of your site according to AgID guidelines

#2We provide you with a detailed report that will allow you to complete the accessibility statement on the form provided by AgID

#3Each year we ensure that your statement remains up to date


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We are here for you:
What is the Accessibility Statement and what is it for?

Article 3-Quater of the Stanca Law stipulates that all the subjects identified in Article 3 and 3.1bis, i.e. the Italian Public Administration and private companies with an average annual turnover - in the last three years - of more than 500M must submit a self-declaration to AgID by 23 September each year.

The Accessibility Declaration indicates and describes the objectives and results achieved for the accessibility of one's own website.
Among the various consulting services offered by AccessiWay you will also find support in the compilation of the Declaration, which includes a heuristic report of usability of the site and the declaration itself that you can use to fill out the AgID form.
The service is designed specifically for entities that fall under the obligation, but also for private companies that have embarked on a path to accessibility.

Do you use AgID Best Practices for your services?

Yes, absolutely. All our consulting services follow the 'Best Practices' regulated and defined by AgID.

In particular, the Accessibility Declaration is carried out on the AgID model required for public administrations and private companies with an average annual turnover - in the last three years - of more than 500M.
Likewise, the User Test service complies with all the points listed by the Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale.

What are consultancy services for?

Consultancy services make it possible to increase the level of compliance and usability of the site.

What is AgID?

The Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (Digital Italy Agency) is the technical agency of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers whose task is to ensure the realisation of the objectives of the Italian Digital Agenda and to contribute to the spread of the use of information and communication technologies.
The controlling body of the Digital Transition that defines the objectives and methodologies of the Digital Agenda, it pursues the highest level of technological innovation in the organisation and development of the public administration and in the service of businesses and citizens.

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