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accessWidget improves the accessibility of your website with two components working simultaneously: Artificial Intelligence and the Accessibility Interface.

Designed for:

✅ Website
✅ Single Page Webapp

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AccessWidget interface with the accessibility symbol in the lower right corner  and photos of two people with disabilities on the left

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Your website, for everyone.

accessWidget allows anyone with a website to make it accessible to people with disabilities.

Increase readability

This section of the interface allows users to adjust how the content of your website is displayed so that it is as readable as possible.
The section is dedicated to DSA profiles and all users with visual impairments, such as blurred vision and low vision.

AccessWidget interface showing the  Content adjustments

Enhance Visibility

This section of the interface allows you to adjust colors and contrasts. People with varying degrees of color blindness or visual impairment may not be able to see your content well, while light-sensitive users may not be able to navigate websites with white backgrounds.

Interfaccia di accessWidget che mostra le regolazioni del colore e dello schermo

Minimise distractions

This section of the interface offers adjustments designed to enable people with visual impairments, cognitive disabilities or motor disabilities to better navigate your website. This is achieved by providing them with shortcuts, reducing distractions and noise and providing guidance elements.

AccessWidget interface showing the  Navigation settings


AccessiWay ensures the accessibility of websites worldwide, through many different legislations and regulations, and in 14 different languages. Our dictionary provides the meaning of words at a glance for users with cognitive disabilities who may have difficulty understanding certain phrases, language or slang expressions.

Interface of accessWidget showing the  functionality that allows you to change the language

Adapts to your Brand

accessWidget is fully customisable to best fit the design of your website.


accessWidget is fully customisable to best fit your site design.

  • Interface colours
  • Sizes and shapes
  • Button colours
  • Icon positioning
3 Interfacce stilizzate di AccessWidget in tre colori diversi (verde, rosso, blu)
Uomo vitruviano stilizzato, sImbolo dell’accessibilità, in più colori (giallo, rosso, grigio, viola, blu, verde)


You can edit the elements yourself or leave the work to us

IT Support
Artificial Intelligence

accessWidget works thanks to artificial intelligence

Excellent compatibility with Screen Readers and keyboard navigation

Our artificial intelligence software is responsible for resolving 70% of the technical requirements of the international guidelines. It makes the site usable by screen-readers and allows full keyboard navigation.

Contextual Understanding

Our artificial intelligence application is responsible for resolving 70% of the technical requirements AccessiWay's artificial intelligence visually matches elements and behavior of your website to millions of other previously observed websites. Thanks to this, it is able to recognize from context the function of elements and their purpose on the page. It makes the website accessible to screen-readers and allows full keyboard navigation.

Optical recognition

accessWidget scans all images on the website and, wherever alt text is missing, extracts the embedded text using OCR technology and learns the meaning of the objects in the image using IRIS technology.


Improve the accessibility levels of your site in a few simple steps

Install a single line of JavaScript code
The AI will start scanning and analysing your website
The accessibility interface symbol will appear on your site
Every 24 hours the AI will monitor your website to update new content
**The accessWidget software cannot guarantee full WCAG 2.1 compliance for every single element on your site as incompatibility with some elements is always possible. Please consult our consultants to ensure you achieve compliance after installing accessWidget.

We have made 200+ brands accessible

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Siti web che hanno installato AccessWidget con l’interfaccia di accessibilità aperta, tra loro ci sono: Barilla, Dolce&Gabbana, Findomestic, Banca BPER, Mulino Bianco, Will Media, Costadoro CafféSiti web che hanno installato AccessWidget con l’interfaccia di accessibilità aperta, tra loro ci sono: Barilla, Dolce&Gabbana, Findomestic, Banca BPER, Mulino Bianco, Will Media, Costadoro Caffé
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Do you have any doubts?

We are here for you:
Is it sufficient to install accessWidget to be compliant and accessible?

Web accessibility is a process and it is not enough to have software to be able to define oneself as fully accessible and/or compliant.

Having a usable site from a practical point of view does not guarantee compliance with the regulations (imposed by L. 9 January 4/2004) because there are requirements that go beyond the navigability of the site, for recipients defined as "providers" in Art 3 L 4/2004, such as the Declaration of Accessibility (art 3-Quarter) and / or the training period (art 8.3).
It is therefore necessary, in order to be able to speak of full compliance and accessibility, to also make use of the consulting services offered by AccessiWay

Is accessWidget really powered by AI?

Yes! accessWidget uses two AI engines. The first, 'Computer Vision', is used to analyse and describe images. The other has the function of Contextual Understanding, and is used to learn the purpose and functionality of elements on the website.

How quickly does accessWidget implement changes to the website?

The user interface will immediately appear on the site. The AI can take up to a maximum of 48 hours to implement all the necessary changes (insert all the information to make the site navigable for people with disabilities). In addition, the longer accessWidget remains on the website,

the easier it will find it to work with any updates of new elements. accessWidget performs a daily scan of the website, noticing any additions, and

then remediates them in an automatic and automated manner.

Is it possible that accessWidget affects source code and performance?

No, accessWidget works in overlay, so it is impossible for the source code to be modified or for the performance of the website to be affected.

The loading of the software takes place asynchronously to that of the website, precisely 0.2 seconds later.