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There is no more concrete method of understanding the accessibility status of an existing or developing ICT tool.

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How does a User Test work?

#1An accessibility expert (RFU) performs a manual analysis of your website and detects tasks for users with different types of disabilities.

#2The users perform the assigned tasks and compile a report on the browsing experience.

#3The RFU develops a report based on the different indications given by the users with which the company can better define accessibility goals related to the touch point.


Usability testing according to AgID best practices

User Test with 3 users

Visually impaired
Motor impairment

User Test with 5 users

Visually impaired
Motor impairment
Different navigation systems

Beyond compliance

Gathering qualitative feedback from users goes beyond a simple accessibility checklist: it allows you to really understand the accessibility of your digital products and set increasingly concrete goals.

Dajana, Chief Vision Officer di AccessiWay, con Fabiana, un membro del Team vendite
Pragmatic Approach
Our aim is to help you achieve full accessibility according to your possibilities and needs.
Cutting-edge technology
Our software powered by artificial intelligence allows you to make your website accessible and maintain its accessibility over the time.
Skills and Dedication
With our consulting team's 20 years of experience, we can help you make all your digital touchpoints accessible.
User First
We collaborate with users with disabilities on a daily basis to refine our solutions and our offer.

We have made 600+ brands accessible

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