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Every year, public administrations and private companies that fall under Article 3.1bis of the so-called Stanca Law must file their accessibility declaration with AgID following the appropriate template. Our team takes care of everything you need to submit a proficient declaration for each of your domains.

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The AgID accessibility declaration is an obligation to which the owners of public administration applications and websites are bound.

The deadline for submitting the AgID accessibility declaration was 23 September 2021 for mobile applications of public administrations. For websites, on the other hand, the deadline was slightly earlier: 23 June 2020.

How does it work?

#1One of our expert consultants performs a manual analysis applying the heuristic method to define the compliance status of your site according to AgID guidelines

#2We provide you with a detailed report that will allow you to complete the accessibility statement on the form provided by AgID

#3Each year we ensure that your statement remains up to date

Pragmatic Approach
Our aim is to help you achieve full accessibility according to your possibilities and needs.
Cutting-edge technology
Our software powered by artificial intelligence allows you to make your site accessible and maintain its accessibility over time.
Skills and Dedication
With our consulting team's 20 years of experience, we can help you make all your digital touchpoints accessible.
User First
We collaborate with users with disabilities on a daily basis to refine our solutions and our offer.

We have filed more than 100 declarations

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How is the UserTest service performed?

The "User test" Consulting Service follows the AgID guidelines, therefore:

The organisation of the testing project is the responsibility of the RFU ~ Human Factors Manager ~

User test 3 People: defined by AgiD " Below Threshold".
User test 5 People: defined by AgiD " Above Threshold".

How the user test is composed:

1- The RFU must know the Disabilities from a Humanistic point of view, he/she must not be a technician (neither the RFU nor the user tests).

2- A Human Factors Officer (RFU) is mandated to carry out a prior analysis of the application under evaluation and structure the activities to be administered subsequently to the pool of employees with disabilities.

3- The Human Factors Officer (RFU) identifies persons with different disabilities to whom the test, consisting of the various activities to be carried out independently, is to be administered. The types of disabilities that can be called upon for assessment include motor, visual and cognitive disabilities;

4- Following the completion of the activities by staff members The RFU administers the questionnaire on the twelve factors relevant to the accessibility/usability of the website produced by AGID

5- The RFU carries out a semi-structured interview with the collaborators aimed at exploring the user experience;

What is the Accessibility Statement and what is it for?

Article 3-Quater of the Stanca Law stipulates that all the subjects identified in Article 3 and 3.1bis, i.e. the Italian Public Administration and private companies with an average annual turnover - in the last three years - of more than 500M must submit a self-declaration to AgID by 23 September each year.

The Accessibility Declaration indicates and describes the objectives and results achieved for the accessibility of one's own website.
Among the various consulting services offered by AccessiWay you will also find support in the compilation of the Declaration, which includes a heuristic report of usability of the site and the declaration itself that you can use to fill out the AgID form.
The service is designed specifically for entities that fall under the obligation, but also for private companies that have embarked on a path to accessibility.

Who is the training service aimed at?

Our training programme comprises several modules:

Introductory Module: Disability and Assistive Technologies.

The course is designed for any professional figure (technical or not) as it provides a general perimeter on the world of web accessibility

It offers a clear overview of the world of disability in relation to digital dynamics. Participants will learn about the most frequent disabilities, the main barriers in the digital world and assistive technologies. Furthermore, the European and Italian regulatory framework is introduced, respecting all AgID best practices and standards defined in WCAG 2.1AA

Technical Module: Content Creator

The course is designed for those working in the field of digital content creation.

The aim of the course is to provide content creators with all the practical information they need to do this correctly. Step by step, element by element, concrete cases will be studied and indications given on how to write all content in the correct way, therefore accessible and usable for people with disabilities. Respecting all AgID best practices and standards defined in WCAG 2.1AA

Technical Module: UX Designers

The course is designed for those working in the field of digital product development.

It offers a clear explanation of Italian and European regulations, international standards and recommendations for the development of accessible (WCAG 2.1 Compliant) and usable (heuristic analysis, thinking aloud protocol) digital products. Accessibility and design of elements such as: fonts, colours, spaces, sizes, icons, buttons and interactive elements of interfaces; from the design phase to verification and maintenance. Complying with all AgID best practices and standards defined in WCAG 2.1AA.

Do you use AgID Best Practices for your services?

Yes, absolutely. All our consulting services follow the 'Best Practices' regulated and defined by AgID.

In particular, the Accessibility Declaration is carried out on the AgID model required for public administrations and private companies with an average annual turnover - in the last three years - of more than 500M.
Likewise, the User Test service complies with all the points listed by the Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale.