Did you know that millions of people have difficulty surfing the Internet?


of websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities


billion people with disabilities who deserve equality


of the world's population who have a disability

what is accessibility

Web accessibility refers to the ability of computer systems to provide services even to those with temporary and other disabilities, and therefore using assistive technologies. In just a few decades, the planet has become increasingly digitized. We have practically created a parallel digital reality, with which we are gradually replacing everything that was done physically in the past.

It is precisely from the development of new technologies and the growth in the importance of the web that the idea of digital inequality is born: the web has grown without any real structure, generating a digital divide that is even more evident today.


Web accessibility benefits the whole society

Digital accessibility is not just about people with the most severe disabilities or a small market niche. In addition to being aimed principally at an audience that composes 15-20% of the population, best practices to be followed to achieve full accessibility improve the experience for all users.

Alessia Volpin

"Digital accessibility breaks down virtual walls, creating new paths that were unthinkable until recently. Thanks to Accessiway and their Plug-in, I have been able to navigate many sites safely and easily, performing operations in total autonomy."
- Alessia Volpin


It is a journey that involves multiple elements and people

Achieving accessibility and being able to maintain it over time requires starting a journey that involves experts, users with disabilities, state-of-the-art tools, and dedicated support.

Collage di tre immagini in cui la prima mostra una ragazza bionda che sorride, la seconda una bambina con disabilità cognitiva, la terza una signora anziana

Many countries have already incorporated web accessibility into existing legislation.


We have made 600+ brands accessible

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Dajana Gioffrè

"Accessibility is, to some extent, synonymous with freedom. Freedom to choose, to make one's voice heard and express oneself regardless of disability or personal characteristics. Digital accessibility, today, is the highest expression of this freedom, because it opens doors and paths to those who, until now, have had no voice"

- Dajana Gioffrè, CVO AccessiWay