We want to revolutionize the world of web accessibility 1000 steps at a time!

Foto del Team AccessiWay al completo con le felpe bianche di AccessiWay che cammina di fronte alla telecamera


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AccessiWay was born in 2021.
Together, we are revolutionizing the way of thinking about digital accessibility.

Quattro persone sorridenti sedute ad un tavolo, tra cui Dajana, la Chief Information Officer di AccessiWay 
e altri due membri del Team che comunicano con un ragazzo affetto da disabilità motoria

With a network of thousands of partners united in the accessibility challenge, AccessiWay's software has significantly improved the accessibility of more than 150,000 sites worldwide.

Collage di tre foto: la prima mostra un ragazzo con disabilità visiva, la seconda Dajana, la Chief Vision Officer di AccessiWay, la terza un ragazzo con disabilita motoriaCollage di tre fotografie: la prima mostra un ragazzo affetto da disabilità visiva con il suo bastone biaanco, la seconda la Chief Vision Officer di AccessiWay, Dajana, e la terza un ragazzo affetto da disabilità motoria

Everything we do is for and with people with disabilities. Only if we are united and educated can we make an impact and close the web accessibility gap.


Are you passionate about web accessibility? Work with us!

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We have made hundreds of European and international realities inclusive:

Dajana Gioffrè

"Accessibility is, to some extent, synonymous with freedom. Freedom to choose, to make one's voice heard and express oneself regardless of disability or personal characteristics. Digital accessibility, today, is the highest expression of this freedom, because it opens doors and paths to those who, until now, have had no voice"

- Dajana Gioffrè, CVO AccessiWay

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