We aim for real impact through information and awareness raising

AccessiWay is dedicated to unite the disability community in educating the world about the importance of inclusivity and web accessibility. We are proud to share the impact of our efforts.

Collage di tre fotografie: la prima mostra il Team AccessiWay al completo, la seconda Fabiana, membro del Team Vendite, con Dajana, la Chief Vision Officer. La terza mostra Davide del Team Digital Marketing con un ragazzo affetto da disabilità motoria


With a network of thousands of partners united in the accessibility challenge, AccessiWay's software has significantly improved the accessibility of more than 150,000 sites worldwide.


The involvement of people with disabilities and experts is crucial to the development of our products and services.

From day one, people with disabilities have been collaborating with AccessiWay on our solutions and services through testing, development, deployment, and updates.
Whether they are full-time employees, members of our focus groups, or external collaborators, the voices of final users are part of our decisions about our products and offerings.
In addition, we employ people with disabilities and final users in all educational and outreach initiatives.

Collage di tre fotografie: la prima mostra un ragazzo affetto da disabilità visiva, la seconda la Chief Vision Officer di AccessiWay, Dajana, e la terza una signora sorridente con disabilità motoria

We want to make the internet an inclusive place, for everyone

Through our products and services we work to improve the lives of many people, to contribute to the value of inclusiveness, and to help everyone reach their full potential.

Logo of Dulàc Farmaceutici

Dulàc Farmaceutici


"Dulac Farmaceutici’s mission is to help people with well-being in their daily life. We want to offer equal access to this and our partnership with AccessiWay operates in this exact direction, by letting everybody access to our website and all its content"

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Retro Consulting Group


"The strength of a brand and a company's attention to the individual are demonstrated by its interest in a type of innovation that is not only technological, but also and above all social. This is why we are proud of the partnership and feel perfectly aligned with AccessiWay, a benchmark in accessibility."

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"Casa ArtLab continues to grow, the network of partners is enriched with realities that make innovation their manifesto. We are happy to welcome AccessiWay, a company founded in 2021 with a very clear goal: to make website content accessible to people with different types of disabilities."

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"AccessiWay and Kotuko together to make the Internet more accessible to all, especially for people with disabilities. The Milan-based web agency, in fact, has formed an important partnership with the innovative Turin-based company that is pursuing the ambitious goal of ensuring total accessibility of web content by 2025."

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Dajana Gioffrè

"Accessibility is, to some extent, synonymous with freedom. Freedom to choose, to make one's voice heard and express oneself regardless of disability or personal characteristics. Digital accessibility, today, is the highest expression of this freedom, because it opens doors and paths to those who, until now, have had no voice"

- Dajana Gioffrè, CVO AccessiWay

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