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Do public administrations have to provide “training services” in addition to the accessibility declaration?

Yes, Article 8.3 of the Stanca Law is very clear on this charge:

"The administrations referred to in Article 3(1) shall, within the limits of budgetary availability, provide professional refresher courses on accessibility ((including those relating to the methods of creating, managing and updating of accessible content of websites and mobile applications))".

What is and what does accessScan do?

accessScan is a free testing tool offered by AccessiWay, used to validate the level of compliance of a website. accessScan is open to everyone and can be used by anyone to determine whether their website is accessible to people with disabilities and complies with national guidelines and laws.

accessScan scans websites using the same AI as accessWidget, reporting any accessibility errors and producing a comprehensive report of compliance results. It does this in seconds and is completely free of charge.

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Once I have made the site accessible, do I still need your help? If so, how often?

Web accessibility is a process that must be continually monitored and updated, it is a subject that changes annually at the regulatory level with new burdens for specific categories and fulfilments that must be completed within well-defined deadlines. It is therefore necessary to rely on expert consultants to keep the site up-to-date. (This does not mean having a daily or weekly exchange of information, but for us at accessiway it is essential to allow all our customers to be aware of any changes or improvements that need to be made, so as to always be compliant with all legislative and social obligations)

Can making the site accessible have an impact on the design/functionality of my site?

No, using Overlay technology and our consultancy services the site design and functionality - in the part visible to the user will remain the same.When a specific navigation profile is selected by the user with the specific disability, the Frontend will be modified to allow the site itself to be usable, but without modifying the source code and, above all, only in the local client-side session.

How do you modify the site to make it accessible?

To make a site accessible, it is necessary:

- Screen-reader compatible

All site content can be read accurately and clearly by screen-readers and assistive software installed on the operating system and used by blind people to access digital navigation content

- Compatible with Keyboard Navigation

Fully navigable and operable using only the keyboard, without the need for a mouse. This function is used by people with motor disabilities.

- Compatible with user interface and design

Implement a sufficient colour contrast ratio between foreground and background elements, set the correct and readable font size, have sufficient text spacing, text emphasis, and other design and user interface related adjustments.

- Safe from possible induction of epilepsy episodes

Animations can be stopped so that people with epilepsy can navigate safely without risking a seizure.

- Understandable by people with cognitive disabilities Written in very simple, understandable words or alternatively include a glossary or dictionary to help readers with cognitive and learning disabilities understand the content correctly.

How long does it take to make a site accessible?

Each site has specific characteristics, so it is impossible to have a universal time frame. We, at AcessiWay, thanks to one of our services: accessWidget, can guarantee in 24/48 hours a first step towards a level of accessibility that guarantees usability (about 85%) for the categories of people in WCAG 2.1

How does the process work to make a website compliant?

Making a website accessible requires specific know-how and consulting work by one or more professionals.If the site is already existing, it is necessary to check every single element of the site and remediate it - then add specific information (contrast ratios, ARIA labels, alternative texts and an extensive list of other specific requirements in WCAG 2.1 AA), such that they can be understood by assistive technologiesIt is essential to update and remediate all additions made to the site, so it is advisable to have a long-term strategy. Accessibility is not a one-off project, but one to be followed over time.

Is it possible to make any website accessible?

Yes, through the services offered by AccessiWay it is possible to make any website, App, WebApp or platform accessible, i.e. usable by persons with disabilities (cognitive, visual and motor).

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Haven't we solved your doubts?

No problem, we are always available for any questions or concerns you may have.The Costumer Care area will receive your contact information and get back to you as soon as possible!

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